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Registered name:  CH Relic’s Little Miss Can’T Be Wrong chic_icon
Date of birth:  June 15, 2011
Sire:  CH Renegade Stryker (Stryker)
Dam:  BISS CH Renegade Camber (Camber)

OFA Test Results CHIC #111801

Thyroid Normal
Eyes Normal
Hips Good
Elbows Normal
Patellas Normal
DM N/N (Normal)


Winner’s Bitch / Best of Breed
Detroit Kennel Club
March 4, 2012

Winner’s Bitch / Best of Opposite Sex (4pt major)
North Country Kennel Club
March 29, 2012

Winner’s Bitch (4pt major)
Onondaga Kennel Association
March 31, 2012

Winner’s Bitch / Best of Opposite Sex
Farmington Valley Kennel Club
July 7, 2012

Best Senior Puppy in Sweepstakes
Canaan Dog Club of America National Specialty
July 26, 2012

Reserve Winner’s Bitch
Canaan Dog Club of America National Specialty
July 26, 2012

Winner’s Bitch / Best of Breed (3pt major)
Penn Treaty Kennel Club
November 13, 2014

About Canaan Dogs:

Inquisitive, loyal and loving with his family, the Canaan Dog is a breed that moves with athletic agility. Today, he is successful in the herding, obedience, agility and conformation arenas. This breed has two color patterns: either predominantly white with a mask, with or without additional patches of color, or solid colored with or without white trim. (source)

About Clover:

I’m sure you’ve heard about dogs meeting a person and immediately falling in love with that person, deciding right then that they are meant for that person and that person only.

A black and white dog

Well, Clover didn’t fall in love with me, but she did fall in love with Nathan.  When Amy kept back Clover and Poppy to evaluate their potential for her breeding program, I offered to temporarily foster one of them so that they wouldn’t become too dependent on each other.  Clover came into our house, took one look at Nathan, and said, “I have been looking for you.  You are my person.”

A black and white dog with her head tilted to the side

Clover had a very successful show career, earning both her majors and a total of 11 points in about a year of limited showing.  In early 2013, she began to develop sores and scarring on the tips of both her ears; a condition that was frustratingly difficult to diagnose until we took her to a specialist at Tufts.  Her diagnosis was ischemic dermatopathy.  Unfortunately for us, the scarring on her “bad” ear was so extensive that the weight of the scars on the ear tip pulled the ear down, breaking the cartilage in the ear, and causing the ear to flop over.  While a charming look (one ear up and one ear down), it’s not exactly a show-perfect picture.

A white spotted Canaan Dog

In 2014, we made a limited attempt to finish out the last four points of her championship in local showing.  Clover finished her championship title in mid-November, earning her last championship point with a third 3-point major in Oakes, PA.

We will also be pursuing Clover’s Canine Good Citizen title and beginning her work in formal Obedience, with an eye toward eventually competing in AKC Rally.

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