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Where I Buy

I am not affiliated with any company, anywhere.  Any links I provide are for information only and not because I am compensated for them.  I buy food for the dogs from a variety of sources.  I’m always looking for a good sale.  Here are my most common sources:

Top Quality Dog Food

Top Quality Dog Food is a raw food supplier that operates in the mid-Atlantic states and in New England.  They take orders via email and deliver once a month to pre-determined distribution points.  I find their prices for muscle meat and organs to be better than anything I could buy from a butcher or in a grocery store.  I buy duck necks and frames through TQDF as well.

Mayflower Poultry

Hands down the best prices on poultry raw meaty bones.  Located in Cambridge, MA, this poultry processor has a small retail store and they will custom-grind raw food blends for you ($1/pound fee on top of the cost of the ingredients).  This is my exclusive source for chicken backs and leg quarters now that we’ve moved back to MA.

Fairway Beef

This Worcester, MA butcher has average prices for chicken parts, which are still better than what you would pay in a grocery store.  I buy whole cases of chicken backs and leg quarters here and I’m very happy with their product.  The backs are very meaty, and the leg quarters are so large that the first time I bought them I thought I had gotten turkey by accident.

Stearns Meats

Stearns is located just a few minutes outside Worcester.  Their prices are generally competitive with Fairway, if not a few cents cheaper.  What I like about Stearns is that the food frequently comes freshly butchered that day, not in frozen cases, so I can bring it straight home and portion into storage containers.

Strohm’s K9 Supplies

Strohm’s is a distributor for Blue Ridge Beef.  I have only ordered from them once, but if you’re looking for Blue Ridge Beef in New England, this is an option for you.

My Pet Carnivore

As an online vendor, I find My Pet Carnivore to be fairly expensive; too expensive for me to regularly purchase from.  However, they have a good stock of raw feeding items that can be difficult for some people to find locally.  This is a good source for getting rarer organs to add variety to the diet.

Hare Today

Hare Today is also an online vendor, and I find their prices to be competitive with My Pet Carnivore.  Again, another good source for adding variety to the raw diet, though.


I buy my supplements through B-Naturals.  Their Berte’s products are formulated by Lew Olson and I trust them to provide quality products.

Chestnut Farms

We have been members of a meat-only farm share through Chestnut Farms for several years now.  At their monthly distributions, they often have boxes of offal available to purchase.  I try to stock up on offal when available because their meat is as close to organic as you can get without going through an organic certification program (no antibiotics, no hormones, 100% pastured, no feed lots, etc.).

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  1. Deborah & Peter are some of my Doberman Dillon’s favorite people! Besides his Dr Feel Good chiropt ……just picked up our order this morning……nice to see Dillon’;s freezer pretty well filled again!

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