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I feed the dogs two meals a day.  The morning meal is muscle meat, organs, and supplements.  The evening meal is raw meaty bones.  Here’s a list of the supplements I give my dogs.  My supplements are purchased from Amazon and B-Naturals.

Fish Oil

Jackson and Loki get 1000mg of Berte’s EPA 180-120 Fish Oil per 40 pounds of bodyweight.  Clover gets 1000mg per 10 pounds of bodyweight.  Her dosage is higher because I’m using the fish oil therapeutically for its anti-inflammatory properties as part of her treatment for ischemic dermatopathy.

Vitamin E

The body uses vitamin E to metabolize fish oil.  Vitamin E must be supplemented when giving fish oil or else the body may develop a vitamin E deficiency.  The small amount of vitamin E in fish oil caplets is there to prevent oxidation of the fish oil and is not enough to supplement the amount needed by the body.  Berte’s Daily Blend contains Vitamin E, but I give extra to Clover because her fish oil dosage is increased.

Berte’s Daily Blend

This vitamin supplement powder is like a daily multivitamin for dogs.  I just sprinkle it on their food.  It’s formulated with chicken liver for flavor.

Solid Gold SeaMeal

This is a trace nutrient supplement formulated from ground sea vegetables.

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2 thoughts on “Supplements”

  1. Every time I read through your website I find something new. Thank you! Question: for your vitamin supplement blend – do you use the recommended dosage on the package or do you use more or less than recommended? I use Dr. Harvey’s multivitamin and E-mune Boost but they amount they suggest per body weight seems like a lot. What are your thoughts?

    1. I generally add about half the amount recommended — and there’s no real logic behind that decision. I mean, in theory what I’m feeding them is already complete and will balance itself over time, but I’m a Nervous Nellie who uses supplements as a “just in case.” I’m probably just making some very expensive urine.

      Actually, there is one exception to that — vitamin C is apparently helpful for ligaments and tendon in some circumstances (sorry for being so vague, just pulling this out of the great dusty recesses of my memory) and so it’s possibly helpful during those rapid growth phases that puppies go through. And it’s hard to overdose on C, because it’s water soluble and the body just flushes out any excess.

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