If you’re looking to feed raw food as economically as possible, and you have a dog that is larger than a Chihuahua, then eventually you’re going to want a separate freezer.  Chest or upright is up to you.  Chest freezers are (slightly) more efficient because cold air doesn’t spill out of them when you open them, but upright freezers are easier to organize.

Craigslist nearly always has freezers that someone is trying to sell.  Look around and you can get them pretty cheaply.

How you store the food is entirely a matter of personal preference.  Some people use plastic bags and freezer paper; some people use ziplock bags.  I opted for reusable plastic tubs that can be washed in my dishwasher so that I didn’t go through a bunch of plastic bags.  I use big tubs for raw meaty bones, and smaller tubs for muscle meat.  I used to weigh the tubs but now I just squish as much in there as I can fit, and then weigh the food bowls as I prep them.

That said, I aim to get 3-4 pounds of raw meaty bones in a big tub and about a pound of muscle meat into a small tub, just to make my storage as efficient as possible.  Frozen organ chunks get put in empty ice cream containers!

Food should be thawed in the fridge for maximum safety, but I am pretty cavalier about thawing in the sink or on the counter if I need to thaw something out quickly.  If you aim to keep 3 days worth of food in the fridge, then you basically have a fully thawed portion to feed from today, a partially thawed portion that will be ready tomorrow, and a frozen portion working on thawing in the back.  It rotates pretty nicely.  Some people even get the little mini fridges (dorm fridges) to thaw the dog food in and keep it separate from people food.

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