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Your Daily Digest Emails are Legitimate

This morning when I logged into Gmail, I noticed Google was displaying a warning message when I viewed the daily digest email from Our Life + Dogs.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.04.32 AM


Click through to see the full size.

This warning message is appearing because my website runs on a blogging platform called WordPress.  One of the nice features about WordPress is that it has various plugins that can do things like automate notifications such as the daily digest email.  When it sends the email, the email is made to look like it’s coming directly from me to you, even though it’s actually being handled automatically behind the scenes in software.

Google appends various authentication factors in the emails that are sent directly from Gmail to another user, but my mailing list plugin does not.  When Gmail detects that the authentication token is missing, it generates the warning you see in the screenshot above.

This is perfectly normal, expected behavior!  Gmail is doing its job in trying to protect you from what may be malware (but in this case, actually is not).

If you don’t want to see the scary yellow warning bar in the future, you can follow the troubleshooting steps in this Gmail help document.

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Blog Theme Conversion Complete

I walked into the living room last night and Jackson was lying in Nathan’s lap.  Now, this is not an unusual thing; if there is a person reclining on the couch, there will be a Jackson in that person’s lap.  What was unusual about it is that Jackson had decided to lie in the most uncomfortable pose I can imagine.  I think he’s practicing to run away and join the circus as a contortionist.

The conversion to the new blog theme (new look) is complete.  If you read these blog posts by RSS feed, please take a moment to click through to the blog and take a look at our new theme!  We have new typography, a new layout, and some new features:

The blog layout now has three “featured” posts at the top of the page where I can highlight recent posts that I do not want pushed down in the blog post feed.

Every photo I import is now being made accessible to the vision impaired with alt text on mouseovers and a full description.

The “Raw Feeding For Dogs” section is being completely re-written with accurate descriptions of how I feed a raw diet and where I purchase my supplies from.  There are two sections (cost and storage) that still need to be re-written but there’s plenty of content under What I Feed, Where I Buy, and Supplements for you to check out!

Each dog’s individual page available from the top menu has also been refreshed and updated for 2014.

There are some parts of the website that are still in progress and will be for some time:  The Puppy Raising section of the website is being re-written and the content re-organized and brought up to date.

The old blog posts are being imported and updated a month at a time, working backwards from most recent to oldest.  Each post has to be examined for formatting errors, photos restored and made accessible, and comments imported.  This blog has been around for three years now, so please be patient as the importing of the old posts will be a lengthy process.  Right now I’ve worked backward through November 2013.

I’m very excited about my new look, and I hope you will be too!

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Big blog changes happening (again)

It’s a new year, so time for a new blog look!  In order to give myself a fresh start, all the old content has been (temporarily) deleted, and will be added back in batches, starting with the most recent posts first and working backwards.  Some of it, especially the early Jackson posts imported from Tumblr, may not ever make it back because the formatting when I imported from Tumblr was just awful in many hard-to-fix ways.

Bear with me today while all the new changes get pushed through.  You’ll just have to trust me that it’s for the best.

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Quick Update on Commenting and Spam

I use a two-pronged approach to handle spam on the blog. First, all comments are passed through a spam filter. The ones the filter deems “not spam” are then held for moderation and I manually approve the comment. After an author has been manually approved three times, all their further comments are auto-approved.

Today, my spam filter told me that some comments had been held for moderation, but they were buried within 68 pages of spam. Sorry, but I didn’t dig through to find the held comments. If you submitted a comment, and I deleted it as spam today, I am truly sorry! Please re-submit and I’ll approve you right away!

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