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My latest craft project: a multifunction leash

Do you know what a multi-function dog leash is?  Sometimes referred to as a “European leash” or a “military style leash,” multifunction leashes have a snap at each end, and several rings along the length of the leash.  One snap attaches to your dog’s collar, and the other snap attaches to the rings to make various configurations.  One ring makes a regular leash handle; another makes a loop large enough for you to wear the leash over one shoulder for walking your dog hands-free.  One ring (usually free floating) makes the leash into a slip, no collar needed.  Or you could attach to a ring very close to the snap and cut the entire leash length in half, in case you needed to keep your dog closer to you.

I’ve been wanting one for a long time, preferably in leather, but there was one problem:  I couldn’t find one in leather that I liked.  I dislike “braided” bits on most leather leashes, preferring the cleaner look of rivets.  I’m very picky about the width and thickness of leather leashes.  I couldn’t make up my mind about the configuration of the rings.

In short, I talked myself out of every leather multifunction leash I found.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I would probably need to make my own.  I thought about making a fabric one, and finally settled on a braided paracord leash instead.  Several years ago, a colleague had a braided paracord leash for one of her lovely Border Collies, and let me examine it at a seminar.  I really liked it.  It felt good in my hand, and paracord has a lot of nice features.


I decided I wanted to do a four strand round braid for the leash to keep the width somewhat thin, and for the first leash I went with plain black rather than a two tone leash so that any irregularities in my braid would be less noticeable.  I’m pretty happy with my first attempt; while my tension throughout the braid isn’t perfect, it’s good enough, and the length is pretty much spot on six feet from end to end.  I was able to put the rings exactly where I wanted them, and the only thing I really would change is my floating ring is a teeny bit too small to work as a good slip; with the snap attached, the ring catches on the braid and doesn’t slide as smoothly as it good.  For a first time attempt at making a leash though, I done did good!

A braided paracord dog leash


I have plans to make two more; one in green and black for Loki, and pink and white for pretty Miss Clover.  The all black one can be for Jackson.

So, there’s my latest arts and crafts project.  I love it!

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