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End of Week Wrap-up

Well, we haven’t done one of these in a while, so here’s an end of week wrap up.

In addition to ordering dog food this week, I spent some time storing away all the dog food I ordered last month.  I prefer to get my food order in, thaw it just enough that it can be distributed into my reusable tubs, and then everything gets stacked neatly into our upright freezer and I just pull out what I need during the month.  Last month I didn’t do this — I’ve been pulling out things to thaw as I need them, and it’s been bugging me all month.

“I need my tubs!” I ranted to Amy when I went to go see Emmy.  So … all the remaining food has been divided into tubs, so the freezer is ready to receive this month’s food shipment.  I did notice yesterday that I won’t have enough of the small blue tubs I use for muscle meat, since I ordered about 50 pounds of meat, but I only have about 20 empty tubs (each tub holds 1 pound).  I have another 15 tubs in use currently.  While I’d like to run out and buy another 15 tubs (bringing my monthly capacity to 50 pounds), instead I’ve scheduled on my calendar a mid-day food packing month.  I can handle twice a month.  Weekly (like I’ve done for February) is just too much.

Denise Fenzi (dog sport instructor and competitor extraordinaire) has opened an online dog sport academy.  I am so excited about this I just can’t tell you.  BUT … competing for my dog training funds … Susan Garrett also just opened registration for her 5-Minute Recall class.  What to choose, what to choose?  Argh!  So many great classes, not nearly enough money.

And, finally, some housekeeping for the website — my web hosting provider does daily, weekly, and monthly backups of my website, but Nate reminded me that I need to also host a backup of the site locally, so this morning I downloaded the most recent backup to my computer.  All safe and sound!

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