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Our Life Plus Dogs is the chronicle of two people raising three dogs.

I’m your blog author, Rachel, and my husband Nathan is the best dog partner you can imagine.  Our dogs are Jackson, Loki, and Clover.  Jackson and Loki are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Clover is a Canaan Dog.  We live in a small town just south of Boston, in Massachusetts.

Clover’s breeder is my close friend Amy Preston of Relic Canaan Dogs, and you’ll hear me reference her and her Canaan Dog crew frequently.  Jackson was bred by Marsa Hatfield and Eric Belt of Kuluta Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Loki was bred by Lisa Hoffman of County Line Ridgebacks.  You will also hear me talk about another close friend of mine, Caryl-Rose Pofcher of My Dog Training.  We arrange semi-regular playdates with her English Bulldog Rover and Boston Terrier Clyde.

We currently compete our dogs in the sport of Conformation, and you will frequently find me championing the causes of reputable, responsible dog breeders.  All three dogs were purpose bred dogs and purchased to fill a specific role.  You can learn more about each dog on their respective pages.

I also talk a lot about raw feeding for dogs, various other dog related news and topics, and generally ramble on about our life.

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9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi, Loved the video of Clyde and Loki. I’m a friend of CR and live in South Hadley, Ma. I’m a newly certified trainer but for now I’ll still be volunteering with Caryl-Rose at the Dakin classes in Leverret. I lost my 16 yr old Siberian Husky in the fall and I’m still missing him terribly. We did adopted a 1 year old female Catahoula/mix who keeps me busy but doesn’t keep me from thinking about my Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Do you know anything about the Catahoula’s? There were none at the W. Springfield show CR and I went to on Sunday (in Nov.) and I saw none listed for the entire show. The only expert I’ve found, or the only one that’s written a book on them, well, let’s just say I don’t agree with his philosophy on dog training. I’m looking forward to your blog’s and I love that you reference Patricia McConnell, one of my favorites. I’m reading For the Love of A Dog right now and it’s so imformative but also very moving. Love how she focuses on the relationship with our dogs.
    Take care, looking forward to more video’s too!
    Debbie D.

    1. Hi, Debra! Thanks for commenting!

      The Catahoula Leopard Dog is not currently an AKC recognized breed, but Catahoulas are eligible to be recorded in the AKC Foundation Stock Service. This makes Catahoulas eligible to compete in some AKC events, but not in Conformation, which is why you were not able to find them in the show catalog.

  2. I just discovered your blog and am loving it! I am an American living in Malawi and own a Rhodesian Ridgeback boy from South Africa and will he getting an RR girl in June, also from South Africa. I have also recently started feeding raw and have found your information so helpful. I will definitely be following your blog.

    1. That’s an entertaining idea, but there are tons of Youtube video of dogs eating raw food already. I think in Loki’s archives, I have a video of him going to town on a raw duck neck at 8 weeks old.

  3. Hi, I my dog has a slab fracture on his 4th upper premolar and I am debating either root canal or extraction. I stumbled on to Jacksons operation and got curious to see how he is doing with out the tooth long term like with plaque and chewing ability on that side especially since he’s on a raw diet.

    1. Hi! Jackson does just fine with raw meaty bones; I see him swap sides when he needs to do heavy-duty crunching on a chicken back. With regards to plaque: Jackson is the only one of my dogs that gets plaque. I don’t think it’s related to the carnassial extraction, but at almost five years old, if I do not stay on top of brushing his teeth, he looks like he eats kibble. It’s weird but my reading online suggests some dogs are just predisposed toward plaque and tartar buildup. We brush 2-3 times a week with an enzymatic toothpaste and he LOVES IT. I can say, “Let’s brush your teeth” and he races to the sofa and vibrates with excitement. I’ve recently had the Tropiclean gel recommended to me, and I am going to be adding that to his tooth cleaning regimen.

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