Dirt and dog hair in a trash bag

Want to see something gross?

My big Dyson vacuum cleaner died during the clean-out of the old house.  Considering it survived the German Shedder (Tippy), several moves, and got not even half as much preventative maintenance as it should, I’m surprised it survived as long as it did.  (We also have a Bissel Spot Bot that you will probably hear more about as we house-train Loki.  I love my machines what clean.)

We also have a smaller, hand-held Dyson that came with an extension pole and a powered brush head, so Nate suggested we try living with just the little Dyson for a while to see if it was enough to keep up with the daily cleaning instead of replacing the big Dyson.  I said I’d give it a single chance and vacuum the living room rug with it; if it was awkward or ineffective, I was going to replace my big Dyson.

Well … here’s the thing that Nate LOVES to hear me say publicly:  he was right.  The little Dyson does a fine job at handling the rugs, and it’s lighter and more maneuverable than the big vacuum, plus it’s cordless and quieter.  Okay, fine.  Little Dyson wins.

The rug in the living room is all muted earth tone colors, dusky and warm.  The problem is that the “dusky” quickly looks “dirty” if you don’t clean it every day and remove the shed dog hair, bone crumbs, pieces of chewed cow hoof and so forth.  So I’m making it a habit to take 5 minutes a day to clean the rug.

Here’s the gross part:  this is what came out of just 24 hours of dog hair and dirt tracking.  I vacuumed the rug yesterday, and then again today, and this much dirt came out of the vacuum cleaner.  That’s one day, and just one room.  Every room in the house is generating that much dirt and hair?!  I am so skeeved out.

And I have clean dogs!  Imagine what it would be like with dogs that didn’t get regularly bathed and brushed?  Oh my god.  I feel faint.  Someone send over a Swedish housewife to clean my house, please?

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4 thoughts on “Want to see something gross?”

  1. We have the same little Dyson as you! Did you gets yours at Costco like we did?

    I am actually considering getting the big one for my husband for Christmas (shhh don’t tell him!) The little one is great, but we can’t do more than one room on a single charge. And I was lucky enough to marry a man who loves to vacuum. 😀

    Also, we have a husky. That’s like a vacuum multiplier right there.

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